Rio Grande Scenic ski train

In addition to providing inspection services on railcars considered for use on the ski train, PDI Rail Solutions wrote the compliance inspection reports for compliance to FRA standards. The company was pivotal in representing IPD with FRA staff, Amtrak staff, Union Pacific staff and other regulators and contractors. PDI Rail Solutions’ efforts were crucial to meeting Iowa Pacific Holdings’ extremely short project deadline.


  • FRA & Amtrak Compliance Inspections
  • Inspection, Testing & Maintenance Plan
  • System Safety Plan
  • Training, Qualification & Designation Plan
  • Qualified Mechanical Person (QMP)
  • Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • Fire Safety Analysis
  • Pre-Revenue Service Acceptance Testing Plan
  • Emergency Preparedness Training

Key Staff

  • Robert C. Andrews, Jr., P.E.
  • George F. Payne
  • Harold B. Weisinger