Nashville Music City Star

The Nashville & Eastern Railroad Corp received award for the start-up of commuter service from Lebanon Tennessee to downtown Nashville. Although surplus railcars were secured from Metra, certain mechanical assessments and upgrades were necessary to meet FRA compliance. Mr. Andrews conducted the Fire Safety Analysis for federal requirement and Mr. Payne developed the maintenance and training plans for compliance. Additionally, Mr. Payne was involved in the development documentation and delivery of mechanical training and certification for personnel to carry our mandated safety-critical inspections and maintenance.


  • Fire Safety Analysis
  • Life & Fire Safety Improvement Plan
  • Operations Start Up
  • Vehicle Assessments
  • Plan Development and Implementation of Mechanical Maintenance

Key Staff

  • Robert C. Andrews, Jr., P.E. — Fire Safety Analysis / Fire & Life Safety Plan
  • George F. Payne — Vehicle Assessments, Plan Development and Implementation of Mechanical Maintence