Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc. – “X” Train Announces Selection Of PDI Rail Solutions

LAS VEGAS, NV Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc. (“X” Train), a Delaware company (OTCBB: XTRN) is pleased to announce the selection of PDI Rail Solutions (PDI) to assure that its “X” Train meets all applicable Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) & Amtrak mechanical and safety standards. “The safe design and operation of the “X” Train is our Number 1 corporate priority. We believe that PDI Rail Solutions exemplifies the industry’s best practices and brings the necessary expertise and experience to assure that LVRE meets all of the myriad regulatory, safety and mechanical requirements needed to ensure our passengers that the “X” Train will be the safest travel experience in the country”, said “X” Train Chairman and CEO Michael A. Barron.

Specifically, PDI Rail Solutions has been selected to guide LVRE in achieving full federal compliance under 49 CFR 238 “Equipment Safety Standards” and 49 CFR 239 “Emergency Preparedness”. Additionally, PDI will assure that all LVRE locomotives and passenger cars meet all Amtrak mechanical and safety standards. Among the numerous initiatives PDI has been assigned, in cooperation with the Class I railroads and AMTRAK, specific tasks to include the following:

  • Creation of FRA & Amtrak Compliance Inspection Reports
  • Inspection, Testing & Maintenance Plan
  • Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • Fire Safety Analysis
  • Training, Qualification, and Designation Plan
  • System Safety Program Plan
  • Pre-Revenue Service Acceptance Plan
  • Qualified Maintenance Person Program
  • Emergency Preparedness Training for On-Board Services Personnel

Commenting on their selection as regulatory consultants, PDI President & CEO Robert C. Andrews, Jr. said, “We have been in close communication with the LVRE since October 2009. We are pleased to formally join the project at this time and look forward to doing all we can to assurethe safety, reliability, and compliance of the “X” Train.”

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